Welcome to Mrs. Mulnix’s Website!

I teach grades 7 – 11 Science Courses.  For the 2018-19 school  year, I am teaching the following classes:

Life Science: This class covers a variety of topics–specifically focusing on an introduction to cells and cellular processes, genetics, plants, and zoology. Students will complete a variety of projects throughout the year. I’m looking forward to a year of exploring creation!

Earth Science: In this course, students will learn a lot about our amazing planet and solar system! We will study the relationships between the earth, moon, sun; natural wonders including volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes; oceans, geology, and weather.

Physical Science: This class serves as an introduction to basic physics and chemistry concepts. At the end of this course, students will have a knowledge of laws of motion, simple machines, forms of energy, and chemistry concepts.

Biology: is the study of life! In this course, students will study a variety of information spanning the many topics within the vast science of biology.  Students will study taxonomy, the chemistry of biology, ecology, organisms from each of the seven kingdoms, and take a close look at the body and its many life-supporting systems.  Biology will also be a hands on investigative class with dissections and other labs.

Chemistry: The goal of this class is to prepare students for a college chemistry class. Topics included are: measurement, atomic structure, the periodic table of elements, bonding, reactions, states of matter, thermodynamics, acids & bases, and organic chemistry. There will also be a number of hands-on labs for students to experience chemistry.